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    1. Zibo Langda Composite Material Co., Ltd. "High performance carbon fiber composite roll shaft" was awarded the "first set in Shandong Province" project

      Date:2022-08-16 Read:

      Recently, good news spread frequently, and the company's project application was reported again. According to the List of Manufacturers and Products of the First Set of Technical Equipment and Key Core Parts in Shandong Province in 2022 released by Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology on July 13, the "high-performance carbon fiber composite roll shaft" declared by the company was included in the list and was rated as the "First Set of Technical Equipment and Key Core Parts in Shandong Province" project.




      The "high performance carbon fiber composite roll" awarded this time is a technology to solve the problem that the high performance carbon fiber roll for domestic advanced equipment relies on imported neck.


      The recognition of the "Shandong First Set" project is not only the recognition of the R&D strength and technological innovation ability of Landa, but also the encouragement and encouragement of Landa. In the future, Landa will always maintain its enthusiasm for technological and product innovation, adhere to technological innovation, institutional innovation, and product innovation, accelerate independent research and technological innovation, and strive for another success in the construction of scientific and technological innovation!

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