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    1. The 2021 annual work summary meeting of Landa Seiko was successfully held

      Date:2022-01-18 Read:

      On January 14, 2022, the 2021 annual work summary meeting of Zibo Langda Composite Materials Co., Ltd. was successfully held. The meeting was chaired by Li Chengcheng, the chief executive officer. A total of 15 leaders and staff of the company attended the meeting. The meeting summarized and reported the work of each department in 2021, affirmed the achievements, reflected on the deficiencies, and made a comprehensive deployment and outlook for the strategic plan in 2022.


      The heads of each department made a detailed introduction to the highlights of the work in 2021, made a profound analysis of the shortcomings in the work, and made a detailed work report on the plan for 2022.


      Chairman Liu Peng summarized that in 2021, the sales revenue and profits of Landa reached a new level. During the epidemic, Landa bucked the trend and basically completed the set goals. President Liu highly affirmed the efforts and achievements of each department, and said that each department was fully prepared for this meeting, carefully sorted out their work, summarized their achievements and shortcomings, and proposed corresponding solutions. In 2022, the company will face new challenges and development. In this regard, President Liu proposed the strategic policy of 2022: taking refined management as the guidance, internal standardization, external diversification, further improving the company's management maturity, strengthening the construction of the management system, and building an excellent and efficient staff team.


      One hundred feet ahead of the other, urge the horse to raise his whip and fight for himself.

      In 2022, all Rhonda people will face new risks and challenges. We can only move forward bravely and forge ahead in the torrent, and work hard to achieve the company's strategic planning with an indomitable attitude of struggle and a state of mind. Langda's values of "leading technology, customer satisfaction, employee happiness, and building a dream future" will continue to exert its power in the Year of the Tiger, and strive to build "China's leading composite technology enterprise!" Our strategic positioning will lead us to walk slowly and write a new chapter for Rhonda!

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